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FaucetPay micro-wallet and earnings platform bitcoin free

Are you looking for the best Faucetpay (cryptocurrency micro-wallet and earnings platform) faucets to earn free Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online? If the answer to this question is yes then you have come to the right place because here you will find the best faucets to earn free crypto and in particular the best Faucetpay faucets.

FaucetPay cryptocurrency micro-wallet and earnings platform

But do you know what taps are? Let’s get good knowledge!

First of all, what are taps (Faucet)

Taps are websites and mobile apps that earn a small amount of Bitcoin and other crypto for each claim with no investment, so it’s completely free. The reason is in the ads shown. This is how the owner of the taps can fund the website and pay the users who make a claim.

These websites and apps are an easy and reliable way to earn free cryptocurrency without investing anything, only some patience is required and you will see your profits increase day by day.

In this article, you will find the best Faucetpay faucets, related to FaucetPay Microwallet to earn free cryptocurrency online easily and quickly.

Faucetpay is full of taps but some of them are empty or no longer working. In this page I want to make your life easier, showing only the best paying faucets.

About FaucetPay cryptocurrency micro-wallet

FaucetPay is a cryptocurrency micro-wallet that allows you to receive instant payments from taps and other sites, and then make withdrawals to your personal wallet for less.

FaucetPay crypto micro-wallet and earnings platform bitcoin free

How it works?

Create an account on FaucetPay
Add your wallet addresses to your user profile
Receive payments from any website that uses the FaucetPay platform simply by giving them your linked crypto address.

FaucetPay is also a platform for earnings

Faucets: They have a list of faucets for each supported cryptocurrency. Choose from hundreds of faucets to claim.
Rock-Paper-Scissors: You can play their Rock Paper Scissors game and you tak an income of 2 to 5 Satoshi per game.
Bid Walls, Surveys and Tasks: If you are looking to earn serious income, try their offers where you can earn $ 10 and more every day.
Paid to Click: You can take some time to click through the advertisements available on FaucetPay and earn extra income.

Note that the FaucetPay platform also has an exchange function that allows you to convert your cryptocurrencies in seconds.

FaucetPay crypto micro-wallet and earnings platform bitcoin free

you log in at once per day, and you get reward points, up to 100 per day, which you can convert to BTC or use to increase your income by up to 1000%.

Share your affiliate link and earn in faucetpay cryptocurrency

0.50% of each bet in the Multiply BTC game
50% revenue share every time your sponsor exchanges coins in the EXCHANGE section
25% of any offer they complete in the OFFERWALL section
50% of the PTC Ads reward for every ad made

FaucetPay crypto micro-wallet and earnings platform bitcoin free
Products &
Micropayments portfolio & Earnings platform (Pierre-Papier-Ciseaux, Paid to Click, Walls of offers, Surveys and Tasks)
Crypto-currenciesBitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash & DASH
Payment solutions0,00001 BTC / 0,001 ETH / 10 DOGE / 0,0008 LTC / 0,0005 BCH / 0,0008 DASH
Other advantagesExchange function to convert cryptocurrencies in seconds
Faucet API to pay users

Don’t have a Faucetpay account

If you have not yet subscribed to Faucetpay.io, click here and create an account. It’s very easy to do, so I won’t go into it in detail.


Once you have created your account, go to your dashboard and under the Linked Addresses menu insert all the wallet addresses for each crypto you have e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. If you don’t have a wallet address I recommend that you create a Coinbase account which is the safest and most reliable platform in which to collect your cryptocurrencies. Otherwise, you can use the internal addresses that you can find in the Deposit section.

Let’s take some coins with Faucetpay taps!

In faucetpay.io there is a huge list of faucets for every room BUT NOT ALL OF them WORK!


Faucet Win up to 250,000 free satoshi, Multiply your money in our best Bitcoin games, Complete surveys and make some money fast, Or complete the offers to get even more! click here



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